Used for indoor hot & cold water sanitary installation systems, compressed air systems, air-conditioning systems and industrial pipe systems.

Offer all the advantages from typical plastic pipes Manufactured using the state-of-the-art technologies.

Manufactured as type 1 and type 2 versions offering two different thicknesses with sizes and tolerances at applicable standards.

SANICA SILENZIO silent pipes manufactured in three layers using the latest technologies are made available in the color of light blue.


Leading brand in Turkey

Manufacturing in 7 facilities in 3 countries with about 1,000 employees, SANICA is one of the leading brands in Turkey in the field of bathrooms, radiators, pipes and flush tanks. SANICA, a company of Fatinoğlu Holding, gets more than 65 percent of its revenue from the products exported to more than 25 countries.


Sanica for 33 years

Since 1987, we produce for Turkey

Pipe Manufacturing Facilities, Elazığ

Sanica manufactures pipes in the facilities located in Kavaklı, Istanbul and Haramidere, Istanbul in addition to the facilities located in Elazığ. Starting to operate in 2011, Sanica Pipes’ facilities in Elazığ is established in an area of 170,000 square meters. This facility is the one with the highest capacity in the region in term of infrastructure and superstructure products.

◎    Corrugated Pipes and Fittings
◎    PVC Compressed Clean Water Pipes
◎    Silenzio Waste Water Pipes and Fittings
◎    Super Silent Pipes
◎    Waste Water Pipes and Fittings
◎    Indoor Heating Systems
◎    Filter Drainage Pipes
◎    Tunnel Type PVC Drainage Pipes