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Sanica Human Resources Policies are intended to reflect the values of our group throughout the respective procedures.

Sanica HR Practices

We at the Department of Human Resources, Sanica, attach great importance to offering qualified services and producing rational solutions together with all the employees within the holding when performing the HR practices. We give particular importance to performance and productivity.

Job Application Process

We place job postings at Kariyer Net for the open positions in our group, and receive the job applications through Kariyer Net in accordance with the requirements as set forth under the Personal Data Protection Law.

Recruitment Process

During the process of hiring new employees, we invite the candidates for interview, who are equipped with such a level of knowledge and experience required for the respective position, sufficiently qualified to represent our Group, able to bring added value to the Group, well educated, responsible and prone to teamwork.


Employees, who are able to continuously increase their performance in accordance with the production policies of the Group, create added values and always work to get the best out of themselves, are offered opportunities to climb the ladders of career within Sanica.


All the employees are subject to a performance system. This system applies to the employees once a year during which the targets and results are objectively assessed.

Training and

An Occupational Health and Safety Training Program is organized for everyone joining the family of Sanica to contribute their professional lives.


Remuneration is based on the performance and competence assessments. Accordingly, a salary rise takes place once a year.


All the employees are under a social insurance from the Social Security Institution. Employees are also provided with the right to use a shuttle vehicle. Those who may not use the shuttle vehicle are refunded for their costs for public transportation.


Our employees are entitled to a leave of

14 business days for those with a length service of 1 to 5 years,
20 business days for those with a length service of 6 to 14 years,
26 business days for those with a length of service of 15 years or more; the Labor Code applies to the other leaves.